While in France I stayed at several different hotels in different parts of Paris and while I was driving around the French countryside.

Villa Pantheon in Paris

Villa Pantheon was the first hotel I stayed at when I was in Paris. Very small room that was starting to look a bit worn out.

Ibis in Poitiers Sud

Ibis in Poitiers Sud. Ibis is a popular budget hotel chain. I stayed in three different ones while driving around France. Nice and fairly cheap.

L' Yeuse in Châteaubernard, France

L' Yeuse was the closest hotel I could find to the motocross race (still almost an hour drive away). It was really nice so I was kind of sad that I really was there only to sleep.

Hôtel Saint Nicolas in La Rochelle.

Hôtel Saint Nicolas in La Rochelle.

Saint Germain Hotel

Saint Germain Hotel was decent, but under construction. This is actually the second room I was in. The first room was dark, a bit strange and had no wwi-fi, so I switched rooms. This room was nicer, but still no wi-fi.

Hotel Regina in Paris

Hotel Regina in Paris. I upgraded to a room with a view. A bit pricy, but nice.