Day 3 at South Georgia started out early again with a pre breakfast Zodiac cruise around Hercules Bay.

South Georgia, Juvenile King Cormorant

Juvenile King Cormorant

After the Zodiac cruise everyone ate breakfast while the Polar Pioneer moved to our next location for the day, Prion Island, a nesting area for Wandering Albatrosses. We spent a couple of hours there before heading back to the ship for lunch.

South Georgia, Juvenile Wandering Albatross, Prion Island

Juvenile Wandering Albatross


Brown Skua

While we were eating lunch the Polar Pioneer moved a short distance to our third location for the day, Salisbury Plain, the largest area of flat land on South Georgia Island and home to tens of thousands of King Penguins.

King Penguin, South Georgia

King Penguins everywhere

King Penguin, South Georgia, Fur Seal

The King Penguins sometimes had a scary commute to get to the ocean to feed.

King Penguin, South Georgia

King Penguin emerging safely from the surf

King Penguin, South Georgia, Injured

Not everyone makes it out of the ocean fully intact

Panorama, Salisbury Plain, King Penguin, South Georgia

Panorama of the tens of thousands of King Penguins on Salisbury Plain

King Penguin, South Georgia

Wishing of wings that work

King Penguin, South Georgia

Cute Couple