Today was our first full day at sea. We’re heading to the Falkland Islands, but it’s going to be tomorrow morning before we get there, so today it’s just ocean for as far as we can see. Today was mostly spend getting used to life on the ship and the motion of the ocean. The seas are pretty calm, but we still feel the movement of the ship, It’s probably rocking side to side a couple of degrees several times every minute. I’ve been taking seasickness pills and they must be working because I’m feeling pretty good except maybe a little drowsy. But a couple of people haven’t been doing so well and there’s been a few cases of spontaneous stomach purges.

Polar Pioneer, Ship

Barf bags lined the hallways, ready for use at a moments notice.

Since it’s a small ship, options for things to do are a little limited. People spent time relaxing and getting to know each other. The photographers spent time sorting through their photos or taking new photos of the sea birds that can be seen flying by our ship to check us out.

Polar Pioneer, Ship

Some of the photographers took over the bar to go through their photos.

For a while there was even a small group of dolphins playing in the bow wake of the ship that some people were able to get photos of. Also, the Aurora Expeditions staff has short lectures scheduled throughout the trip to talk about the history and wildlife of the place that we’ll be visiting.

Dolphin, Polar Pioneer

Dolphins playing in the bow wake.