Red Pepper flavored Kit Kat.

One interesting thing about Japan are it’s Kit Kat candy bars. Everyone had probably had a Kit Kat and knows that they are creme filled wafers, covered in an layer of milk chocolate. But In Japan, Kit Kats come in a huge variety of flavors, everything for the regular chocolate to a crazy Wasabi flavor, some really good and some truly awful. What’s interesting is that different seasons and different regions of Japan will have different flavors of Kit Kats that people collect as souvenirs of that region.

Once I saw that there were so many flavors of Kit Kats, I started watching out for new flavors to try whenever I was traveling.

Kit Kat, Japan, Tokyo

Red Pepper flavored Kit Kat

Red pepper and dark chocolate, two tastes that don’t taste great together. Starts off with standard dark chocolaty taste, but then the red peppers kick in and don’t stop. It’s not crazy hot, but you definitely know you’re eating something spicy. The spices lingers for quite a while…not really a good thing.

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