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Japan – Sleeping in McDonald’s


McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants in Japan seem like popular places for a nap.

Person sleeping in a Japanese fast food restaurants.

Lotteria (Japanese fast food restaurant)

Person sleeping in a Japanese fast food restaurants.


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Japan – Big American Texas Burger

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Japanese McDonald’s were having a special series of hamburgers called Big American Burgers. There were four different hamburgers and each hamburger was on sale for a month. While I was in Japan last month for the Hokkaido Photo Workshop, they were selling the Texas Burger, so I had to give one a try. As you can see from the photo, the reality vs. advertising was just a tiny, tiny bit different.

Hong Kong – McCafe

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One thing I had not seen before was the McCafe. At a lot of the McDonald’s there was a side section call McCafe, where it was more like a nice coffee shop with all of the things you would expect to find at a Starbucks or something similar.

Teriyaki McBurger

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Not so great.