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France – Disney – Hidden Mickeys


I only found a couple of hidden Mickeys while I was at Disneyland Paris.

Hidden Mickey at Disneyland Paris.


Japan – Disney Hidden Mickeys

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I went to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea several times while I was in Japan. While there I was able to a couple Hidden Mickeys.

Tokyo Disneyland

Like in California Disneyland, there’s a Mickey Head in one of the planets during the que for the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Outside of Buzz Lightyear there’s a sculpture of the little green alien guys, on the back of the sculpture there’s a Hidden Mickey.

Haunted Mansion

Tokyo DisneySea

In the Mermaid Lagoon area there are several Hidden Mickeys in the wall surrounding the King Triton statue.

Someone had made a Hidden Mickey in the dirt.

Hidden Poo Head

Hidden North America. I think the couple sitting on the bench was wondering why I was taking a photo of them.

Someone had formed a Hidden Mickey out of rope on one of the gondolas.