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Japan – Bike Parking

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Interesting place to park bicycles. Many people ride bikes in Japan so you have the problem of where to store your bikes. This apartment building solved it by having the bike parking on the roof.

Bicycle parking in Tokyo Japan.


Japan – Bike Lock

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People riding bikes are really common in Japan, so you see lots of bikes sitting around. I’m always amazed that more bikes are not stolen because for the most part, a wheel lock like this is all that is used to lock up bicycles.

Bicycle wheel lock in Japan

Bicycle wheel lock

Japan – Bike

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I’ve seen this strange bike a couple of times in Akihabara. The owner is always careful to make sure the back tire is rotated so that the graphics is straight.

Japan – Bike Lift

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Kachidoki Station has an large underground bicycle parking area and in the stairs going out of the parking area is this cool bicycle conveyor belt. Just roll your bicycle onto the conveyor belt as you walk along side it.