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Hong Kong – Street Market

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The Horror! Think of all the poor chickens having to hop around with no feet.

Like in Taiwan, you can get your chicken very fresh.

Chicken and Duck

Hong Kong – Sexual Well-being Store

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I was wandering around Hong Kong when I saw the Sexual Well-being Store.

I love that there’s a poster of a little old Chinese lady with a big smile holding a vibrator. What’s a little scary is that the poster says that there’s demos in the store. I wonder if they’ll let you try one out right there in the store.

Hong Kong – Wong Tai Sin Temple

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Hong Kong – Market Streets

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Scattered throughout Hong Kong were the different market streets. Each street would specialize in a certain type of products. Here’s some photos from three streets close to the Prince Edward subway station.

Gold Fish Street

Flower Street

Bird Street

Hong Kong – Marina

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Hong Kong – Interesting Plant

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I was wandering around a park in Hong Kong and I saw this interesting plant. What was cool about it was that the top of the leafs were a normal green color. But the underside of the leafs are a deep red color.

Hong Kong – Tall Buildings

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Hong Kong – Fanasy Vegetarian Restaurant

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Fantasy Vegetarian Restaurant, I think the fantasy is that you have to image that you’re eating meat.

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