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At Sea – Aurora Expeditions – Day 5

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Today and tomorrow are at sea as the Polar Pioneer heads for South Georgia Island. So far the seas have been fairly calm and I think most people are getting used to the rocking and rolling of the ship.

The view from the bridge of the Polar Pioneer.

Many of the photographers spend time out on the deck trying to shoot the sea birds. Getting good photos of the birds in flight can be tough under normal conditions, having the ship rocking and rolling under you adds another level of difficulty.

Black-Browed Albatross

Black-Browed Albatross

Southern Giant-Petrel

Southern Giant-Petrel

California – Stars Time Lapse


In the last month I’ve been trying to shoot Time Lapse movies of the stars. Here’s a couple of the better ones.

Star Time Lapse

California – Skiing the 4th of July Weekend – Monday

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The last day of the ski season.

Me at the top of Mammoth. During the winter, this sign can be completely buried with snow

There was still a small terrain park with 4 rails and a medium kicker with a smaller kicker next to it

This photo is just sad. It's the last day for skiing and these guys would rather work on their tan.

At the end of the day everyone gathers at the top of the mountain for for an end of the year party/snowball fight.

Approaching the top of the mountain at the end of the day. The crowd is bombarding the gondolas with snowballs

The crowd gathering at the top of the mountain for a season end party-snowball fight

Snowball fight in slow motion

After skiing I went for a soak in one of the natural hot springs around Mammoth

Taiwan – Time Lapse Taipei


Some time lapses movies from around Taipei.

Hong Kong – Time Lapse

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Some time lapse movies I took while in Hong Kong.

Japan – Time Lapse Tokyo

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Here’s a couple of time lapse movies I’ve taken while in Tokyo.

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