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England – Eurostar

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From Paris I took the Eurostar to London.

Eurostar from Paris to London.

Eurostar at it's platform in St Pancras Station

Japan – Style

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It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, this is not a good look.

Bad style on a Tokyo train

Japan – Train Nerd

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Since Japan relies so much on trains, you have many people who are really into trains. Many times you’ll see guys hanging out on the train platforms just to take photos of the different trains. This guy was using a boom to hold a microphone up to a speaker so that he could record the audio of the train’s arriving and departing music.

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Tetsudo Otaku

Japan – Train to Hell


The 3:05 Kodama Shinkansen (Bullet Train) makes a quick stop in Hell on the way to Tokyo.

Japan – Ham Sandwich

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I was taking the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) back to Tokyo and wanted to get something to eat, so I bought a ham sandwich from the food cart. This is my sad, mostly meatless sandwich.

Where’s the Wendy’s lady when you need her? “Where’s the Beef!” except in this case it’s where’s the Ham!

Where’s the meat!

Japan – Train Squeeze

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Trains during rush hour can get crazy crowded.

Japan – Train Delays

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I was going to take a train at the Akihabara Station, but there was some kind of delays with the train line, so there were huge crowds of people waiting to get on the few train that were coming through.

Japan – Sleeping on the Train

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Trains in Japan stop running around midnight, so if you happen to take one of the first trains in the morning it’s pretty common to people staggering home after spending all night out. Occasionally you’ll see someone who’s made it onto the train and immediately fallen asleep. What makes this photo extra interesting is that it was taken in the middle of the afternoon. I’m not sure if this guy got on the train in the morning and has been sleeping there ever since or if he just recently fell asleep. Or possibly he’s died.

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