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Japan – Strange Inventions

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Jacket with fans to keep you cool on hot and humid Japanese summer days.

Jacket with fans to keep you cool on hot and humid Japanese summer days.

Japan – Dog-Wiz

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Dog-Wiz pet store. I’m pretty sure they were thinking Wiz as in smart, but I saw Wiz as slang for peeing. The fact that the sign is yellow doesn’t help. So I just kept thinking it was the Dog Pee Pet Store. Maybe it just shows where my mind is.

Dog Pee Happy Forest. That’s even stranger. I know I’m not a happy Forrest if a dog pees on me.

Japan – Strange Store

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Get your teeth cleaned and your hair cut at the same time?

Japan – Bike

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I’ve seen this strange bike a couple of times in Akihabara. The owner is always careful to make sure the back tire is rotated so that the graphics is straight.

Japan – Tokyo Statue of Liberty?

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I must have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque. Actually Tokyo has it’s very own Statue of Liberty on Odaiba.

Japan – Strange T-Shirts

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Since I like interesting and funny t-shirts I’m always reading other peoples t-shirts and one thing I’ve noticed a few times here in Japan are Japanese people wearing t-shirts that I’m pretty sure they don’t know what the t-shirt actually says.

Here’s a great example, this is a t-shirt that I saw a lady wearing at the Fuji Rock Festival. She was a pretty normal looking lady, not someone who I would expect to be wearing a t-shirt about fisting. But, then maybe she was a lot wilder then she looked.

Japan – Photographers

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I was walking around Kasai Rinkai Park when I cam across this big group of photographers just waiting in a big line. It was a pretty wide range of photographers, some had really nice cameras with big lenses, but other just had little point and shoots.

I was trying to figure out what they were shooting when out walked a group of models.

The photographers and models broke up into smaller groups and scattered around the park and started doing photo shoots. I’m not sure if this was some kind of class or photo club or what it was.

Japan – Kanamara Matsuri (Festival of the Steel Phallus)

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Japan has many interesting and amazing things to see and do, some are even a bit strange…this is the strangest thing I’ve seen so far. This past weekend I went to the annual Shinto fertility festival held in Kawasaki called Kanamara Matsuri (Festival of the Steel Phallus).

The festival dates back to the Edo period (1603-1867) when prostitutes prayed for good business and protection from disease.

Somewhere behind all of the guys with cameras is a lady sitting on a giant wooden penis.

Unfortunately this is the best photo I have of someone riding the giant penis.

She’s feeling the power of a giant penis.

Yes, that’s a gianormous pink penis sticking up out of the crowd. What’s even stranger is that the pink penis’s name is Elizabeth.

This kid is going to need lots of consoling when he grows up. He’ll have strange nightmares about giant black penises and he won’t understand why.

The penises head out of the shrine for a parade around town.

The penis parade heading down the main street of town.

These guys were carving penises out of vegetables. The vegi-penises were later auctioned off to raise money for AIDS research.

These two are obviously impressed by the skilled carving.

This guy is just a little bit too weird.

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