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Japan – Dog-Wiz

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Dog-Wiz pet store. I’m pretty sure they were thinking Wiz as in smart, but I saw Wiz as slang for peeing. The fact that the sign is yellow doesn’t help. So I just kept thinking it was the Dog Pee Pet Store. Maybe it just shows where my mind is.

Dog Pee Happy Forest. That’s even stranger. I know I’m not a happy Forrest if a dog pees on me.

Hong Kong – Sexual Well-being Store

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I was wandering around Hong Kong when I saw the Sexual Well-being Store.

I love that there’s a poster of a little old Chinese lady with a big smile holding a vibrator. What’s a little scary is that the poster says that there’s demos in the store. I wonder if they’ll let you try one out right there in the store.

Japan – Strange Store Display

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I was walking through Ginza and spotted this strange display in one of the store windows. A giant 6 foot tall stuffed dude with a penis.

Yodobashi Camera

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Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara is nine huge floors of wallet damaging goodness.

103″ Plasma screen tv. This thing was almost as tall as me, so huge I don’t think it would even fit in my Tokyo apartment. Yours for the low, low price of 5,600,000 Yen or about $61,000. I ordered two.


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How awesome is a chain of convenient stores who’s logo has a character with a giant erection.