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Japan – Crazy Hot

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The whole time I’ve been in Tokyo has been crazy hot and humid. Parts of Los Angeles are hotter, but LA doesn’t have the humidity. In Tokyo as soon as I walk outside I’m dripping sweat.

Tokyo has been crazy hot and humid. It's nine at night and still almost 90 degrees fahrenheit.

It's nine at night and still almost 90 degrees fahrenheit.

Japan – Don’t Do Anything

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I was walking around Shiodome when I spotted this sign on one of the office buildings. It seems that the owner of the building really doesn’t want you doing anything fun. When I was taking this photo I worried that ninjas were going to jump out from their hiding places to hack my camera into little pieces for violates the no photography rule.

I pretty sure that the one on the lower right says “No stopping to read the sign.”

Japanese sign with a long list of things you can't do. Basically, don't do anything.

Don't do anything

Japan – Bending Machines

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When I first saw this sign in my hotel I thought that it was for an exercise room. But I quickly figured out that Bending Machines was Vending Machines.

I was told that this is a pretty common mistake because there’s no V sound in the Japanese language.

Japan – Strange Store

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Get your teeth cleaned and your hair cut at the same time?

Hong Kong – Fanasy Vegetarian Restaurant

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Fantasy Vegetarian Restaurant, I think the fantasy is that you have to image that you’re eating meat.

Hong Kong – No Spitting

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No spitting sign that I saw around the subway stations.

Taiwan – No Birds

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I saw these no birds sign on several buses.


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How awesome is a chain of convenient stores who’s logo has a character with a giant erection.