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Canada – Momentum Ski Camp – Day 6

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Day 6 of camp and an we had a couple of inches of fresh snow overnight. The snow cats were supposed to groom the camp’s terrain park overnight, but there was some kind of problem that prevented that from happening. So the weather and the lack of grooming made it tough to do much in the park, so we did some runs on Seventh Heaven instead while the digger worked on getting the terrain park back into shape.

Me skiing in the fresh powder

Eventually the terrain park was in good enough shape to start hitting some jumps.

Jeff going for a grab

Me going for a grab

Jeff hitting the airbag

Canada – Momentum Ski Camp – Day 5

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For some reason I have no photos from skiing for today, but I’m sure that we did something incredibly cool and gnarly. After skiing Jeff, Pinky and I hit the downhill mountain bike park again.

Me hitting a jump on Heart of Darkness

Pinky landing after a rock drop

Me hitting a small creek jump

Canada – Momentum Ski Camp – Day 4

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Today is a break day at camp, so no skiing. That means we have a bit of a chance to rest and recover and to do some more downhill mountain biking. The weather was a little rainy, but it was not too bad. Jeff and I were joined by Stephanie, one of the camp councilors and a rockin’ downhill mountain biker. She showed us around and gave us a few pointers.

Stephanie and Jeff

Me hitting one of the jumps on A-Line

It’s me!

Canada – Momentum Ski Camp – Day 3

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Day three at the momentum ski camp. One of the cool new features at camp this year is the giant air-bag like what stuntmen use when jumping off a building. The air-bag is placed behind a big jump so that skiers can hit the jump, try new tricks and land safely in the air-bag. It was a bit scary at first, but pretty fun.

Finally, a photo of me! Trying a 360 with a big grab into the air-bag

Sequence of Jeff trying the air-bag

Another day of skiing and another day of downhill mountain biking. Today we’re joined by Pinky.

Pinky going over a rock drop on A-Line

Canada – Momentum Ski Camp – Day 2

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Day two of ski camp and the digger were still working on the jumps, so it was mostly rails again.

Sequence of Jeff hitting the Up/Down rail

During the sumer, one of the things Whistler is known for is their downhill mountain bike park. Jeff and I start riding downhill mountain bikes a couple of years ago when we were at ski camp and every year we’re spending more and more of the time we’re not skiing in the bike park. We’ll ski until early afternoon, then switch our ski gear for mountain biking gear and hit the bike park. Jeff’s gotten so into downhill mountain biking that he’s bought his own bike.

Jeff hitting one of the wall rides on Crank it Up

I like to try some of the local food when I travel and in Canada it was Poutine, french fries topped with cheese curd and then covered with gravy. It was good and not as scary was raw horse or fugu.


Canada – Momentum Ski Camp – Day 1

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I’m up in Whistler Canada attending the Momentum Freeride Ski Camp. I’ve come to Whistler during the summer for the last few years to attend one of the ski camps and always have a good time.

I’m rooming with Jeff again this year. He’s sporting a new Kermit the Frog look for his ski outfit, so he’s always easy to see on the hill.

Day one started with most of the jumps unfinished, so we spent most of the time working on riding rails.

Unfortunately, since I’m usually the one taking the pictures, I don’t have a lot of photos of myself at camp.

Jeff hitting one of the rails.

Canada – The Offspring

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While I was in Vancouver I went to see the band The Offspring play at the Vogue Theater.

Canada – Vancouver

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I’m in Vancouver Canada for a couple of days before heading up to Whistler to attend the freeride ski camp that I’ve been going to for the last few years.

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