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Japan – Lunch

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Here’s a lunch I had at a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. It was really good, but the one thing that’s a bit strange is the food in the lower left corner, it’s raw chicken.

Japan – Fugu!

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Fugu (Puffer-fish) is a Japanese delicacy that can be served a number of ways. What makes Fugu interesting is that the fish contains lethal amounts of poison and if prepared incorrectly can result in death to the person eating it. The poison is a very potent neurotoxin that paralyzes the muscles of the body while the person remains fully conscious and eventually they die from asphyxiation.

Because of the danger, chefs have to be licensed to prepare and sell Fugu.

I was actually a little disappointed by the Fugu. I expected a fish that could kill me would have a very exciting taste, but it was actually very mild and a bit boring.

Japan – Shakey’s Pizza

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When I was a little kid I loved to go to Shakey’s Pizza. So when I saw a Shakey’s in Japan I had to try it out. Even better was that it was an all you can eat buffet, which in Japan is strangely called a Viking Dinner. Lot’s of interesting pizza.

Ham and Potato, Ham and Calamari, Sausage and Corn

Brownie and Marshmallow, Fruit and Corn Flakes, Tuna and Corn, Chicken Nuggets

Ham and Corn, Ham and Corn with White Sause, Brownie Marshmallow

Japan – Dog-Wiz

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Dog-Wiz pet store. I’m pretty sure they were thinking Wiz as in smart, but I saw Wiz as slang for peeing. The fact that the sign is yellow doesn’t help. So I just kept thinking it was the Dog Pee Pet Store. Maybe it just shows where my mind is.

Dog Pee Happy Forest. That’s even stranger. I know I’m not a happy Forrest if a dog pees on me.

Japan – Big American Texas Burger

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Japanese McDonald’s were having a special series of hamburgers called Big American Burgers. There were four different hamburgers and each hamburger was on sale for a month. While I was in Japan last month for the Hokkaido Photo Workshop, they were selling the Texas Burger, so I had to give one a try. As you can see from the photo, the reality vs. advertising was just a tiny, tiny bit different.

Japan – Strange Store

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Get your teeth cleaned and your hair cut at the same time?

California – Mammoth Mountain

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This last weekend I went to Mammoth Mountain for a couple of days of skiing. All of the rain that Los Angeles was getting hit Mammoth as a ton of fresh snow. You can see how much snow fell on my truck just in the time I was skiing.

Los Angeles – Supercross

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I went to the first Supercross of the season last night in Anaheim.

James Stewart chasing Ryan Dungey

While I was there I tried shooting some slow-motion footage using my Casio EX-FC100 camera. This is James Stewart chasing Ryan Dungey about half a lap before Stewart makes the pass to move into 1st place.