A Yubari Melon is a Cantaloupe like melon that is grown in the town of Yubari in Hokkaido Japan. The crazy thing about the Yubari Melon is how much they sell for. Just one melon sells for $100 -$200 (yes, really), with two melons selling at auction in 2008 for $26,000 (yes, Japan is strange sometimes).

I’ve never had a Yubari Melon, so I can’t say if the price is worth it. But I’ve had Yubari Melon flavored Kit Kats.

The Kit Kats were interesting, they were milk chocolate and looked like a regular kit kat, but there was a faint cantaloupe smell to them. The taste was pretty much what you would expect if you crossed a cantaloupe with a Kit Kat. Unfortunately it’s a combo that doesn’t really work all that great together. The Cantaloupe flavor was not real strong, but it was noticeable.

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Yubari Melon Flavored Kit Kat

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