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Los Angeles – Halloween in West Hollywood

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The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is the largest Halloween event in the the country with over 400,000 people attending. I’ve wanted to go the last couple of years, but this was the first year that I was actually able to go.

The carnival takes place on a section of Santa Monica Blvd that has been closed to traffic for the event. There’s several stages setup for different bands and performers and also lots of food vendors. But the reason most people go it is to see all of the other people in wild, strange and amazing costumes.

Here’s a few of the photos I took of some of the more interesting costumes.

2009 West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, Halloween, Costume, Parade, West Hollywood, Party

2009 West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, Halloween, Costume, Parade, West Hollywood, Party Click to read the rest of this post

Los Angeles – My Halloween Costume

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My Halloween Costume.

Halloween, Costume

Los Angeles – Halloween Horror Night

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Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Japan – Energy Drinks

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Energy frinks seem to be pretty popular in Japan. Every convenient store has a big rack of dozens of different kinds of energy drinks.

Display rack at a convenient store.

Since they are so popular, I thought I should give one a try. I have to say that it was impressively bad tasting.

I was walking around one day and spotted this recycling bin in front of someone’s house. This guy seems to be living entirely off of energy drinks.

Japan – Book Vending Machine

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I was in a train station when I spotted this vending machine. It sells books, which makes sense for a train station, buy a book to read on your train ride. But what was a bit strange is that the books were waterproof for reading while in the bathtub.

Japan – Tokyo Game Show

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Recently I went to the Tokyo Game Show, a huge video game expo at the Makuhari Messe convention center. The major video game companies were there to show off their latest videos games.

Entering the Tokyo Game Show

The XBox Booth

Booth Babes

Like at many conventions and expos, most of the companies at the Tokyo Game Show believed that Sex Sells (especially to video game nerds) and most of the booths were staffed with lots of pretty booth babes.

Strange combination of a Star Wars Princess Leia outfit and a Gladiator Helmet. I’m not sure what game she was promoting, but she always had a huge crowd whenever she came out.

Photographer feeding frenzy over some cute booth babes.


One of the other interesting things was all of the cosplay going on. Lots of people in some pretty interesting and elaborate costumes.

USA – I’m back in Los Angeles

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I’ve returned to Los Angeles. But I still have a ton of photos to post from Japan, so I’ll keep posting those and I’ll start posting about some of the hopefully interesting things I’m doing here.

Los Angeles Sunrise

Japan – Sweet Potato Flavored Kit Kat

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Sweet Potato Flavored Kit Kat.

One interesting thing about Japan are it’s Kit Kat candy bars. Everyone had probably had a Kit Kat and knows that they are creme filled wafers, covered in an layer of milk chocolate. But In Japan, Kit Kats come in a huge variety of flavors, everything for the regular chocolate to a crazy Wasabi flavor, some really good and some truly awful. What’s interesting is that different seasons and different regions of Japan will have different flavors of Kit Kats that people collect as souvenirs of that region.

Once I saw that there were so many flavors of Kit Kats, I started watching out for new flavors to try whenever I was traveling.

Kit Kat, Japan, Candy

Sweet Potato Flavored Kit Kat

Not horrible, but also not that good.

Click here to see all of the different flavors of Kit Kats that I tried

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