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Japan – UFO Ramen

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Japan in preparing for the upcoming alien invasion by making food specially for our new alien overlords.

Japan – Train to Hell


The 3:05 Kodama Shinkansen (Bullet Train) makes a quick stop in Hell on the way to Tokyo.

Japan – Ham Sandwich

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I was taking the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) back to Tokyo and wanted to get something to eat, so I bought a ham sandwich from the food cart. This is my sad, mostly meatless sandwich.

Where’s the Wendy’s lady when you need her? “Where’s the Beef!” except in this case it’s where’s the Ham!

Where’s the meat!

Hong Kong – Curved Buildings

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While in Hong Kong in order to take photos of some of the really tall buildings I started playing around with shooting vertical panoramas, taking several photos of a building to capture all of it and then combining the photos in the computer. Because the combined photos would be a wider angle view then is actually physically possible, showing both looking up and looking down, there had to be some distortion added to the photos which I though makes then more interesting.

Hong Kong – Time Lapse

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Some time lapse movies I took while in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong – Hotel

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My hotel room at the Harbour Grand Hong Kong.

Hong Kong – Street Market

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The Horror! Think of all the poor chickens having to hop around with no feet.

Like in Taiwan, you can get your chicken very fresh.

Chicken and Duck

Hong Kong – Sexual Well-being Store

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I was wandering around Hong Kong when I saw the Sexual Well-being Store.

I love that there’s a poster of a little old Chinese lady with a big smile holding a vibrator. What’s a little scary is that the poster says that there’s demos in the store. I wonder if they’ll let you try one out right there in the store.

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