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Japan – Extreme Tour Day 3

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The last day of the extreme tour was to Fujimi Panorama to go downhill mountain biking.

Me checking out a dirt jump (No, I didn’t hit it).

They’re building a new jump track, that looked interesting, so I gave it a try. But then I was told to get off of it because it wasn’t open yet.

Jeff checking out the new track.

Jeff blasting down one of the downhill trails.

Here’s me coming down on of the downhill trails. Unfortunately it was pretty dark in the woods, so the photos did not turn out all that great.

Japan – Extream Tour Day 2

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Day two of the extreme sports tour was back to Saitama, but this time to Saitama-Air, to do some water ramping. For people who don’t know, water ramping is skiing down a slope that is covered in a special plastic surface, hitting a big jump and landing in a swimming pool. Lot’s of fun!


Me going for a big grab.

I pulled a little too hard on my grab and yanked my ski off. Not something I would have wanted to do on the snow.

Another try at the grab and this time the ski stayed on.

Jeff hits the biggest jump.

Unfortunately my old and trust skis had finally meet their end and broke in the middle. I had to rent some skis to finish the day.

Japan – Extreme Tour Day 1

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On Wednesday Jeff and I went to trampoline gym in Saitama, about and hour and half drive from Tokyo. Jeff had been there before, but it was my first time. We had a lot of fun jumping on the trampolines and working on our ski tricks. We decided that it would be the start of a three day extreme sports tour.

Me trying a grab.

Jeff getting some big air.

Japan – Tunnel

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Japan – Train Delays

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I was going to take a train at the Akihabara Station, but there was some kind of delays with the train line, so there were huge crowds of people waiting to get on the few train that were coming through.

Japan – Sleeping on the Train

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Trains in Japan stop running around midnight, so if you happen to take one of the first trains in the morning it’s pretty common to people staggering home after spending all night out. Occasionally you’ll see someone who’s made it onto the train and immediately fallen asleep. What makes this photo extra interesting is that it was taken in the middle of the afternoon. I’m not sure if this guy got on the train in the morning and has been sleeping there ever since or if he just recently fell asleep. Or possibly he’s died.

Japan – Rockabillies in Yoyogi Park

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One of the regular sights of Yoyogi Park on the weekends are the Rockabillies. Every time I’ve been to Yoyogi the Rockabillies are there rockin’ out.

Cute Rocker

Fueling up for an afternoon of rockin.

How does he get his hair to say like that?

Every once in a while he would go off to the side and start blasting the hair spray.

And then he would pull out a hair drier.

Japan – Yoyogi Park

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Yoyogi Park is a huge park in Tokyo, located between Shibuya and Shinjuku. Every weekend the park is packed with people out enjoying the weather.

Throughout the park there well be little groups of people that meet up to do activities together. Pretty much any activity you can thing of, no matter how strange, there well be a little group doing it.

Dribbling soccer balls.

Practicing for some kind of dance or play.


Sword Fighting.

No clue.



This guy was dancing away, the only problem was that he was by himself, it seems kind of sad.

I have no idea what was up with this guy.

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